Travel and Security

Travelling Tip

A good idea is to scan important documents onto an encrypted password protected flash / memory stick and keep it in a separate location to your documents. This would become invaluable if you were to lose your items. An example of these documents would be, passport data page, visa for Nigeria and other valid visa’s, introduction letters, birth certificate, plane tickets, International Vaccination Card, digital passport photos, medical records and prescriptions, insurance papers, credit cards and business documents, but to name a few.



The purpose of this briefing is to offer guidance to incoming visitors regarding personal security awareness in Nigeria and actions to be taken during an incident. Security remains a constant concern for business travelers’ when coming to Nigeria, however with reasonable precautions and the appropriate security measures the risk can be significantly mitigated to ensure your visit will be incident free.

Security Measures

ASSP Nigeria Chapter event area is located Lekki-Epe- Lagos. The Location is secure and crime such as kidnapping or rubbery is not reported in recent time. Venue is 4.6km from the America embassy; 700.0m away to ExxonMobil headquarter Lagos base is within reach. In addition the area has presence of other multinational Oil company and armed security patrols are maintained.

Individual Security Awareness

Lagos Lekki venue the event is quiet safe, however do not become complacent always be alert of any possible security risk and be guided by the personnel security information provided below.


This is merely a guide and should be used as such. Specific circumstances may dictate extra measures as required to improve your security whilst travelling or staying in Nigeria.

You are capable of contributing significantly to your own personal safety and security. By adopting these basic simple guidelines and adapting them in conjunction with the security advice specific to your environment, it is possible to raise your personal security awareness. In turn this will enhance your chances of avoiding the threats posed by crime to your personal safety. We shall advice you on security update during your stay in Nigeria. Remember our function as safety professional here in Nigeria is to ensure the safety and security of our people, asset and the environment.